14 Things Brands Need to Know About Millennial Latinas

This post originally appeared on AdWeek.com on 9/27/2015. 

The purchasing power of U.S. Hispanic shoppers is no secret: They're estimated to spend $1.6 trillion this year, according to IBISWorld. What's more promising is the influence of 19.3 million Latina shoppers within the U.S. Hispanic community, especially those aged 18–34.

In its recent survey, PopSugar found that Millennial Latinas represent an important demographic for brands for a number of reasons. They are savvy and influential consumers, they are open-minded to advertising, they take their time researching products and they pay close attention to branded content.

While Latinas want to see content that reflects who they are, at the same time they're sensitive to how their culture is portrayed. For that reason, marketers need to understand why it's important to portray Latinas realistically—especially as it relates to body or skin types—and devoid of stereotypes.

In the infographic below, "The Undeniable Influence of Millennial Latinas," we summarize top level findings from our survey in order to help brands achieve a more nuanced understanding of how this demographic views culture and content: