5 Key Global Fashion Trends
In June, ShopStyle users from over 2,700 separate states worldwide clicked on nearly 1 million unique products, searched nearly 1.8 million times, and spent a total of more than 925,000 hours browsing. Here are the five key shopping trends we saw:

Trend 1: Sales season took hold in Europe, Asia, and Oceania
Visitors from those continents used our "on sale" search filter between 21% and 48% more and clicked on between 14% and 28% more products.

Trend 2: Men stepped up their Summer shopping
Clicks on menswear products increased by 18% globally, and nine of the top 10 highest-growth product categories for European visitors were related to menswear (for context, that number was five of 10 for Americans and four of 10 for Asian visitors — both of which are unusually high, but quite typical for this time of year).

Trend 3: Demand for swimwear continued to grow
Worldwide, one-piece swimsuits were 39% more popular than in May, two-piece swimsuits were 33% more popular, and mens swimsuits were 54% more popular.

Trend 4: Time to change the duvet?
Bedding was 29% more popular in June and 88% more popular for visitors from Oceania — which would appear to indicate shoppers getting ready for Summer (or Winter in Oceania).

Trend 5: The hottest product on ShopStyle
June honors went to this Nicole Miller Tidal Pleat splash-dye jersey tank dress, currently sold out at Nordstrom