60% of Personal Goals Are Health & Fitness Related

Lift is a motivational tool that supports any goal, including diet, fitness, happiness, relationships, career, or hobbies. The tool helps men and women of all ages identify good habits, track performance, and make progress, and the data collected provides a unique perspective into the healthy living habits and goals that women are setting and working to achieve every single day. Lift was generous enough to share some of their 2013 insights with the POPSUGAR Insights team.

Lift identified the most popular goals that users tracked over the course of 2013, and based on these findings they discovered that people are extremely interested in creating, supporting, and sustaining their healthy living habits in order to reach their goals and live the life they truly desire. Health and fitness goals in particular represented the largest category. In 2013, these goals represented 70% of the top 10 goals overall and nearly 50% of the top 100 tracked goals. Leading health and fitness goals included exercising, drinking water, flossing, and getting to sleep by midnight, proving that Lift users are seeking help setting up healthy living and wellness routines and support to make sure they are sticking to them over the course of a busy year.

Looking at health and fitness more broadly, Lift users are laser focused on finding ways to balance their personal lives with their careers and manage stress. This is clear when looking at the top 2013 productivity goals. Users were most interested in "setting priorities" for their days, waking up "by 6:30 a.m.," "uncluttering" their lives, and achieving "inbox zero" by clearing out their email inboxes.

Finally, seeking happiness is an important part of living a healthy life, and Lift users spent 2013 setting many goals directly related to achieving happiness. The most popular goal in this category was "being grateful for something or someone," showing that users want to take time to remember to focus on what they have, rather than what they want. The next most popular goals were to remember to "stop and enjoy life" and "spend time outside," showing that Lift users lead busy lives but are conscious about setting priorities to take breaks, relax, and enjoy a deep, relaxing breath from time to time. The fourth most popular happiness goal, and an important thing to remember always, was to take time to "call mom and dad." Life passes us by pretty quickly, and it's really important to ensure we're taking the time to connect with the ones we love and who love us. Luckily, Lift can help us remember to do just that.

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