75% of Women Prefer Using Laptop or Desktop to Shop and Purchase Holiday Gifts

According to a recent IBM study on holiday 2014 shopping, consumers are spending less time on retail sites, in part because they are more often on their mobile phones and tablets. While the IBM report attributes some of the change in consumer behavior to the rise of consumers using mobile devices for shopping, the results of our study found that three in four women still prefer to use their laptop or desktop computers for purchasing apparel and accessory holiday gifts.

Overall, 75% of women we surveyed said that their laptop or desktop computers were their preferred device for purchasing apparel holiday gifts online, as compared to 16% who prefer to use their tablet computers and 9% who prefer to use their smartphones.

As the IBM study rightly states, holiday shoppers have little tolerance for poor customer experiences, and if they can't find what they need, they move on. Perhaps the preference for women using their laptop and desktop computers for holiday apparel shopping comes from a mix of comfort and experience using these devices in past holiday seasons coupled with an imperfect mobile shopping experience and a lack of comfort purchasing items via their mobile devices. While certain retailers offer a great mobile shopping experience for consumers, it's safe to say that this is not yet the norm. In order to succeed this holiday season, according to the IBM findings, "retailers will need to pay attention to both device type and operating system, to better focus their mobile app and analytics investments, while at the same time ensuring a flawless customer experience between devices and operating systems."