84% of Women Purchased Apparel or Accessories For Their Last Special Occasion

If you're like 84% of women, your first inclination after booking a vacation or receiving an invitation to your best friend's wedding is to go shopping! As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we wanted to explore the connection between life events and retail-apparel shopping, so we asked women to share details about how they shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories to plan upcoming events.

Overall, 84% of women said they purchased new clothes, shoes, or accessories for the last special occasion they attended. Next, we asked women to detail how much they spent on apparel or accessories for their last special occasion. Sixty-five percent of women said that they spent over $100 on apparel or accessories for their last special-occasion purchase. Thirty-four percent of women spent between $100 and $200, 17% spent between $200 and $300, 9% spent between $300 and $500, and 5% spent over $500 on their last special-occasion purchase.