Apparel Shopping Is a Daily Obsession For 1 in 4 Women

Exercise, brush your teeth, and shop online! All part of a healthy daily routine. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we were interested in learning how often women browse or shop online for apparel or accessories, and the results were surprising.

Overall, 39% of women shop online every day for clothes, shoes, or accessories, and 77% of women shop at least once per week or more. Thirty-eight percent of women admitted to shopping online for apparel at least once per week, and 14% say they shop online at least once per month. Only 6% of women said they shop every few months, confirming that for most women, apparel shopping is a top priority.

Marketers can find opportunities to stay top of mind and seed shopping opportunity in a variety of ways. As digital consumption migrates more and more to the stream, marketers can use social and native ad offerings to ensure that they appear at the most-relevant times, when women are seeking a break and want to reward themselves with a little online apparel shopping.