If Asked to Choose, Nearly 1/2 of Women Would Prefer to Shop at a Department Store

One of the most attractive aspects of being a retail-apparel shopper these days is the abundance of choices available to consumers who are willing to search high and low for the coolest brand, the best price, and the hottest product. However, we were curious: What if women didn't have a choice and were asked to choose only one type of store for purchasing new clothes, shoes, or accessories? Which one would they choose? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we asked women to make the very difficult choice of choosing one type of store for all their future apparel and accessory purchases.

Looking at the individual results, 39% of women selected a department store, we assume because it affords them the luxury of choice within one physical location. Department stores were followed by brand-name stores (20%) and discount fashion stores (13%), showing that brick-and-mortar locations ranked among the top three results. Next, women chose department-store websites (8%), online retailers (7%), and brand-name store websites (5%). Five percent of women selected a big-box retailer.

When we look at the collective results, we find that nearly half (47%) of women would choose a department-store brick-and-mortar store or website, and 25% of women would select a brand-name store or website.