Content and Peer Recommendations Motivate Women to Watch Lifestyle Videos

If content is king, then peer recommendations are queen, at least when it comes to reasons why women stream lifestyle videos. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights/ulive 2014 lifestyle video study, we asked women to detail the specific factors that motivate them to watch lifestyle videos online.

Women are motivated to watch lifestyle videos online when the video is about a topic or place that they like (61%), when a friend or family member recommended it (54%), or when it's part of an article, recipe, or other content they are reading (44%). Seeing the link posted in social media (39%), seeing that the video is currently trending/viral (39%), or hearing of it via word of mouth (39%) also motivate women to check out lifestyle videos.
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The relationship between content and lifestyle videos goes deeper than just alignment over a topic or article that women are currently reading. Over one-third of women will watch a lifestyle video because it is featured on a website that they frequently visit, and 31% will watch because it's on a website that they trust. Additionally, 31% admit that a catchy image or headline will draw them in to stream the content.

Younger women are more likely to be motivated to watch lifestyle videos because they are looking for something interesting to watch. Women 18 to 24 (55%) and 25 to 34 (48%) are both more likely to watch lifestyle videos when they are killing time than women overall, and they are also more likely to watch videos that are currently trending or considered viral. In particular, 50% of women age 18 to 24 watch a video because it is trending as compared to 39% of women overall.

Avid lifestyle video consumers (women who stream 240+ minutes per month) are more likely to be motivated to watch lifestyle content when they are killing time (53%), when it is trending or viral (45%), or when it features a celebrity that they like (45%).