Hypercultural Latinas

US Latinas are rapidly reshaping and redefining American culture, and they represent an increasingly valuable audience for brands who seek to connect with an influential, receptive, and hypercultural audience. Latinas currently represent 17% of the total female population, a figure that is projected to grow to 30% by 2050. Latinas are also an influential audience segment, owning a significant percentage of Hispanics' $1.6 trillion overall purchasing power, and they use lifestyle content to pursue their passions.

POPSUGAR Insights recently partnered with Ipsos CT and Contecxt to study this impressive audience and learn more about what it means to be a Latina in the United States. We surveyed over 800 women between the ages of 18 and 40, including 505 English-speaking and bicultural Latinas and 301 women from the general population, and asked them to share their unique perspectives on personal identity, culture, the people and topics that influence their lives, technology, brands, and branded content. We will be featuring the results of our study, entitled "Hypercultural Latinas — How Identity, Influence, and Lifestyle Content Impact Brand Affinity," over the next few weeks on POPSUGAR Insights.

Our study revealed a number of unique insights into this dynamic audience, including:

• 95% of Latinas identify as fully American and Latina and this informs their personal identity and consumption of lifestyle content.

• The role they play as influencers within their social circles across lifestyle channels and why nearly 1 in 2 Latinas are viewed as fashion influencers by their peers

• Their receptivity to digital advertising and why nearly half of Latinas trust brands more than they trust their friends

• Why 70% of young millennial Latinas (and nearly 2 in 3 Latinas overall) prefer branded content and how that impacts content sharing, especially via mobile devices.

• Why 94% of Latinas want to see more of themselves represented in the lifestyle content they consume and what that means for marketers who are creating branded content

• Why Donald Trump was cited as one of the most negative things about being a Latina in the US and how marketers can learn from his example to communicate in a more positive and relevant way to this audience

We're excited to be sharing the full results of this study with you over the next few weeks.