Nearly 60% of Women Shop Online Because of an Upcoming Event

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we were interested in identifying the triggers that drive women to shop online for apparel or accessories, so we asked women to choose the most-relevant reasons why women shop online.

Overall, 57% of women shop online for apparel or accessories because they have an upcoming vacation or social event, making event-themed offerings from retailers very appealing. Half of women we surveyed said that they shop online because they received an email from a brand, store, or retailer, proving that email works and can successfully drive women to online stores.

Another key driver of online apparel-shopping behaviors is boredom. Forty-five percent of women said that they shop online for clothing, shoes, or accessories when they are "bored or just trying to pass time," and 30% shop online when they are "taking a short break from work." Finally, 37% of women said they shop online because they want to "keep up with current style trends."

These findings should not only reiterate the importance of email as a valuable resource for brands and retailers but should also prompt brands to identify creative ways to turn women's boredom and break times into online sales.