Over 1 in 4 Women Describe Themselves as “Stylish”

According to Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." The women we surveyed as part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study couldn't agree more. We asked women to describe their personal styles. The results show an interesting mix of styles that provide insights to what's important for women.

Twenty-six percent of women described themselves as "stylish," while 23% of women chose "casual." Casual style presents an interesting opportunity for retailers who want to reach women who want to look their best without appearing too formal.

The next-most popular responses are more suitable for evenings or days at the office. Eight percent of women chose "elegant," while 7% selected "business casual." Also at 7% were a pair of responses that speak to striking out and not following established or timely trends, namely "individual" and "classic." Only 4% of women selected "trendy."

When we asked women to rank the most-important characteristics of the apparel purchases they made, 25% of women ranked "matches my personal style" above price, product fit, or quality.