Over 1/3 of Women Visit an Apparel-Brand or Product Website First

This year's holiday season is another short one, with only 26 total shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas, so it's important for marketers to understand how women shop for retail-apparel products and where they plan to go first to learn about what's available. That's why, as part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we asked women to describe how they plan to shop online for apparel and accessories for the holidays this season.

Overall, 36% of women said that they plan to visit the brand or product site first to get a better sense of what's available from their favorite brands. Twenty-six percent of women said they typically know exactly what they want and visit a handful of trusted sites to make their purchases, while 18% of women said they first search online via a search engine.

Eleven percent of women seek inspiration from category experts and other influencers, while 4% of women said they know exactly what they want and visit a single trusted site to make their purchases. Only 1% of women said that they go on social media to ask their friends and followers for advice and recommendations.

Brands and retailers have an incredible opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of helping women find the perfect gifts by personalizing their site visits. Women have gift ideas in mind and are going straight to the source to learn more, so it's incumbent on brands to ensure they turn those interested browsers into buyers.