Price Matters, Even With Impulse Purchases

When we asked women to share the most-important characteristics of the apparel and accessory purchases they make, 22% of women selected price, ranking it second overall to finding products that match their personal styles.

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we wanted to explore the importance that product has on product purchases, so we asked women to rate the relative importance of product price for apparel products and accessories. Overall, 57% of women said that finding the best price was "extremely important," with another 31% of women saying that price was "important." That means nearly nine in 10 women consider price to be either important or extremely important to their apparel purchases. Given that, it's perhaps not surprising that not a single woman we surveyed said that price was "not very important."

The importance of price also extends to impulse purchases. We asked women what they typically do if they find an item of clothing or an accessory that they absolutely "must have." While 18% of women said they typically "immediately purchase the product," 47% will research online to find the best price and then purchase the product, 12% will search for a discount code or coupon, and 8% will research online and find a similar product for a better price.

While price is obviously extremely important to women, there are other elements that factor into the decision-making process for women. Product quality, brand preference, and product versatility are all important factors for women. Twenty-four percent of women cited product quality as the most important reason they purchase a particular item of clothing or apparel accessory, followed by 19% of women who said that they "like certain brands or designers" and 18% who said their ability to wear the item to work was important to them. "Product quality" and "lifetime value" responses together were important to 40% of women overall.