Promotions & Sales Drive Women To Connect Socially With Apparel Brands

Social media is such a powerful ally for consumers and brands alike. Never before have retailers had the opportunity to have fluid conversations with consumers and obtain feedback in real time. Consumers, on the other hand, have never been more empowered to learn about new products, discounts, and other special events from retailers who have an established social presence.

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we were interested in learning why women choose to follow or "like" retail-apparel or fashion brands via social media. The results reinforced key themes about female motivations about retail apparel shopping seen elsewhere in the study results.

Overall, promotions and discounts were the most popular reasons why women connect with apparel retailers and brands on social media. Twenty-five percent of women said they follow a brand in order to "hear about special promotions," and 24% "like" a brand to "learn about an upcoming sale."

After price promotions and sale opportunities, women want to connect with brands socially to get a better understanding of the new merchandise a store has (14%), meaning that retailers should be using their social feeds as an opportunity to highlight individual designers, brands, and new products.

Following shopping-related activities, women want insider access and to learn from a retailer's expertise. Twelve percent of women connect socially to hear about exclusive "in-store events," and 8% want to "obtain suggestions on how to create a look." Another 4% want to read "how-to fashion advice from experts and influencers." Only 1% of women were interested in "seeing what other customers are currently buying."