Q&A with Tania Luviano from Latina Mom TV

Tania Luviano is the founder, editor-in-chief, and host of Latina Mom TV.

Q. Which is more of a dominant influence of your cultural identity, American or Latina culture?

Latina culture. I was raised in Tijuana, Mexico, and although I moved to San Diego 20 years ago, my culture still influences me in everything I do at home and at work. I'm raising my kids to be bicultural and bilingual, and our Latino culture is always present.

Q. Where do you personally find inspiration related to the topic/topics that you blog about? How has that changed/evolved over the last year?

I find inspiration in my everyday life. The problems I encounter as a mom and wife. Because I know I'm not the only one having that problem or question so with a post I try to help other moms find an answer or help so they know they're not alone with their problem. Over the years I have become stricter when it comes to choosing a topic; I try to talk about topics no one else is talking about or give a new twist to a hot topic.

Q. How did you first become interested in becoming a blogger? What was it that made you choose the topic areas that you chose?

I had just had a baby and I had an 18-month-old baby, the blogosphere was starting, and I found a way to express myself as a mom. Since I'm a journalist and I have been in front of a camera for 12 years, I decided to create a vlog and produce videos. The topics were things that would get the attention of moms with kids between 0 and 6 years old.

Q. Are there specific elements of your unique cultural heritage that make you more attractive to brand partners?

Yes! Lots of companies want to work with Latinas because Latinos spend a lot more money than any other culture and through our websites companies can reach their most prestige client, Latinos. Plus being a Latina is a huge asset because moms listen to moms and we trust each other, especially Latinas; they believe their friends "la comadre" more than the company.

Q. What are the areas that your audience looks to you to provide them with expertise on? How do you gauge the impact that the content you create is having with your audience, i.e. - How do you measure success?

Comments and shares are a must to find out if that topic resonates with my audience. Of course analytics are a big part of how to measure success, as well as fans and likes on social media and views on my YouTube channel. Any mom-related topics always resonate with my audience, but in the last few years it has been traveling and fitness because I post a lot about getting the family healthier and fit.