Women Would Purchase Shoes and Handbags If They Won a $500 Shopping Spree

You can't create the perfect outfit without the right pair of shoes or the perfect handbag, and it's even sweeter when those purchases don't cost you a cent. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights Q3 retail-apparel study, we asked women what type of clothing they would pick if they won a $500 shopping spree but were forced to pick only one type of clothing to purchase.

There was a tie at the top of the list, with 28% of women selecting shoes and 28% selecting handbags as the apparel or accessory item they would purchase using their shopping-spree dollars. Dresses ranked second, with 17% of women choosing to purchase a dress, and pants or jeans (9%) and tops or blouses (7%) ranked third and fourth, respectively. Accessories, like jewelry (6%) or watches (3%), represented items that women were less likely to purchase with the shopping-spree winnings.