To Work Out, Or Not to Work Out: That is the Question

So many women strive to keep in shape, and the choices on how to accomplish that are many. We wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty and ask a question we believe all women ask themselves at some point: Do I work out or invest in plastic surgery?

When we asked if they would prefer to work out with a celebrity trainer vs. plastic surgery, a whopping 93% chose working out with a trainer. This variance holds true for different ethnicities as well as for mothers. However, when we look at this in age ranges, the older the woman, the more she leans a bit towards plastic surgery: 84% Women 35-40 chose working out with a trainer vs. 16% who would opt for plastic surgery. This makes perfect sense, for as we all know, the older we get the less attractive that hour on the treadmill looks.

This shows that women want to take pride in the hard work they put in to keep in shape. They want to be able to say not only to others but also to themselves: I did it!